Did you ever wonder who the team was behind the Beaumont Night Market? Well, wonder no more... Let us introduce this amazing group of volunteers.

Kathy Barnhart of Kathy Barnhart Consulting Inc. - Kathy is the president of Empowering Women Entrepreneurs and was instrumental in keeping us on track and focused on what needed to be done. She was s tenacious and determined to see this event go in spite of all the behind the scenes setbacks. She was the captain of the ship in all regards. Thank you Kathy!

Coreena Brodersen Kornel of Fearless hART - Coreena sits as the Vice President of Empowering Women Entrepreneurs. Her experience and expertise as one who regularly does markets was extraordinarily helpful ranging from social media promotions, to vendor selection, to creating the floor plan. We could not have done this without her. She’s been involved every year since the market began. Thank you Coreena!

Roberta Lalonde of JJ's Screenprinting & Promotions ltd. Roberta sits as secretary of Empowering Women Entrepreneurs. Her steady as she goes approach to planning Beaumont Night Market was so incredibly helpful, especially during the busy times. Roberta took on her tasks with quiet determination and quite honestly she was instrumental in not letting the dream die. Thank you Roberta!

Rhonda Imbeault of Ooh Piece of Candy Rhonda sits as Learning Director for Empowering Women Entrepreneurs. Rhonda's excellent knowledge and skills in food handling proved to be a huge asset in planning the Beaumont Night Market. She is also responsible for the graphic design of the social media posts, as well as for the program we handed out during the event. Thank you Rhonda!

Hunter Gates of RuminariLive - Hunter sits as a Director for Empowering Women Entrepreneurs. Hunter and her team provided the on site and walk about entertainment the night of the event. As well, they provided all artistic elements to the event from street signs, to banners to gold painted pineapples! She organized the swag bags and the silent auction items. Thank you Hunter!

Ashleigh Reinhardt of Seeds and Sprouts Early Learning Centre - Ashleigh sits as a Director for Empowering Women Entrepreneurs. Ashleigh's area for this years Beaumont NIght Market was to organize and Sponsor the Children's Area. Ashleigh also provided shuttle transportation for our vendors. Thank you Ashleigh!

We wish to give an honorable mention to Leslie Redshaw of Unfauxgettable Interiors. Out of the pure goodness of her heart she came to the venue the morning of the event with a car full of decorating magic and used her stellar staging and "fluff" skills to make all the decor elements of this event look amazing. We are SO grateful Leslie!

And lastly, we wish to thank the only male member of our team - Jeremy Dan Kornel of the Beaumont Blues & Roots Festival (BBRF). Jeremy used his event planning skills to ensure all "day of" things were handled from permits to tents to heaters to electricity... this list goes on. He and his BBRF team along with Sea Change Brewing Co. were also responsible for providing the evenings refreshments! Thank you Jeremy and the BBRF team.

In the words of Margaret Mead. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has."

A HUGE thank you and a large Congratulations to all these folks on a job well done.

We can't wait for BNM2020. Stay tuned.